Tube Tape Echo

The Fulltone Custom Shop Tube Tape Echo - TTE

$1199 MSRP

Audio Samples

This is the piano break from "Layla" done with a 1957 strat/bridge PU-->TTE -->1965 Princeton Reverb-->2x12 20watt vintage Celestion cab mic'd with a Royer 121 Ribbon.

Here's a sound clip of my tune "Topanga", the clean '57 Strat/Deluxe Reverb track (panned right) is drenched in the TTE.

Here's a sample of a Strat > TTE > Deluxe Reverb amp from a song off my forthcoming release.

Puget Sounds is an instrumental featuring a great fretless bass solo by Jimmy Johnson with Chas McClure on drums. There's extensive use of the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo on this one, and Edward Roth on 1956 Hammond B-3. Hollowbody Tele with PAF humbuckers > GT-500 > TTE > Fender Reverb Tank > Deluxe Reverb.

Tube Tape Echo

There is nothing funnier to me than the dozens of companies making Digital Sound Processor delays supposed to sound like a tape echo. All of them using a $1.75 pre-programmed chip, some with a few new bells and whistles, and all claiming to "emulate the warble and tape head saturation of a tape echo." ...Bull$#^%.

That only flies with someone who has never played a good tape echo. For those of us who know and care, there is no substitute. Settle for a weak approximation if you must, there's nothing wrong with that... but please spare me the rhetoric, because they don't come close!

Now available for the TTE (only for serial #3480 & higher) and all SSTE's, the Echo Cancel Footswitch!

Audio samples are available on the left. Some video samples are available in the Fulltone video gallery.

Check our FAQ to debunk some classic Echoplex myths.

Additional Photos

The Fulltone Custom Shop Tube Tape Echo with Lid

Product Updates

TTEs Now Come with Removable Lid

TTE with lid closed

Starting 4/18/2011, all TTEs ship with the removable lid instead of a padded gig bag.

The TTE Uses Only Fulltone-Branded Tubes

TTE Tube Trio

We now use only the excellent Fulltone branded 12AX7's for V1 and v2 position and recommend the Fulltone 12AU7 for v3 "Erase function" in the TTE. BTW, you cannot use any other ERASE Tube but ours, the JJ, or Shughuang 12AU7 or the unit will not erase fully and will hiss. We sell the Fulltone 12AX7 & !2AU7 in a convenient tested/matched trio for the for lowest noise and completely transparent tone. You will get shrill highs or excessive mids with most any other current production tubes when used in v1 & v2 positions in your TTE.