ETC-1 and ETC-2 Order Form

*In order to purchase ETC-1 and ETC-2 cartridges, you must agree to the following terms:

  • ETC-1 and ETC-2 cartridges are available only for TTE/SSTE use, not any other audio devices.
    *As evidence of ownership, you must upload a photo of the serial number sticker (INCLUDING handwritten current date as per photo below)
  • These tapes are not for resale.
  • All Sales Final. No Refunds.

Please complete the following form to agree to these terms and order your cartridges.

Please select your location

$44.95 (qty: 1) or $89.95 (qty: 2) + shipping (based on location)

$44.95 (qty: 1) or $89.95 (qty: 2). US shipping: $6 for one cartridge, $8 for two.

AK/HI shipping surcharge applies. We will email you with a shipping cost estimate.

$44.95 (qty: 1) or $89.95 (qty: 2). We will email you with an international shipping estimate based on your address.

In order for us to verify that you are a valid TTE/SSTE owner, please include a photo of unit's serial number WITH a handwritten note visible with today's date, as in photo below.
Do NOT send a photo of the entire TTE or SSTE. The serial number needs to be clearly legible so that we can check it against our database. Please keep the file size below 10MB. (See below for an example of what you need to send.)