California Proposition 65 Info

Fulltone products ship with California Prop 65 Warnings!

California, being one of the more “sensitive” states, has very stringent requirements for warning consumers against even the most remote possibility the presence of even trace amounts of things that they deem potentially harmful.

We at Fulltone Musical Products Inc. feel that our products are completely safe, and we have been in-compliance since well before it was required by law… by choice.

However, plastics, coatings, electronics and wiring, etc. may contain trace amounts of a chemical that could be on the growing list in California Proposition 65, aka -the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. This results in a “right-to-know warning label” for products sold in California. Since many of our products are sold in California, we decided to mark all products with an abundance of caution.

Go here for more information about Prop 65.


Michael Fuller / Fulltone