I Have Lots of Questions about the OCD

Q: The OCD has the brightest LED I've ever seen, it lights up my entire pedalboard, but there is NO POPPING sound like on my other booteek effects...is the OCD true bypass?

A: Yes it is true bypass, and thanks for noticing the "no pop thing." I invented an active anti-pop circuit (not simply resistors to ground ;) that eliminates almost all the snap, thump, and pop you're used to getting at higher volumes with true bypass pedals.

Q: The OCD is huge sounding, wide open sounding, why does it make my other Overdrives sound like there's a blanket over the speakers in comparison?

A: Because 99% of all pedals use clipping diodes to achieve their distortion, and the net result is you are lopping off the upper frequencies (harmonics) and most of the lower frequencies, leaving mostly only Midrange.

Q: You're right, but why don't I hear it with other overdrives?

A: Because your overdrives filter out (Lop off ) the upper harmonics, the upper frequencies, and mask your amp's fizziness. Just turn down the OCD"s Tone control, which only affects those upper frequencies....or better yet, fix the amp.

Q: Is it ok to run the OCD higher than 9 volts?

A: Yes, you can run 9volts DC, 12volts DC, up to 18 volts DC, just make sure that the Center Pin of the adapter is "Negative." BTW, you can't hurt the OCD by using the wrong adapter because it has special protective circuitry...if you use the wrong adapter it just won't work or it will hum, but you can't hurt it.

Q: Can I buy one direct from Fulltone, I can't find one anywhere in any stores?

A: They are at many of the Fulltone dealers. But if you want one NOW really cheap and don't mind a slight finish flaw, then visit the Fulltone Blems and Seconds page.