I see Fulltone everywhere...therefore you can't still be a "Boutique" pedal company, can you?

Fulltone pedals are still handmade in relatively small quantities here in the Los Angeles area by myself, and around 20 employees. We work Monday through Thursday, allowing us all 3 days off per week for important things like Music & Cars. I pay my employees well and pay 100% of their Health care as well, therefore have some who have been here 5, 10, even 18 years. Just because I may change the look or features of a pedal does not mean the quality is not as good as the old days...in fact, we have less "come-backs" now than ever and our quality gets better and better as I figure out ways to make it better. That is my hobby, designing things better.
I design all the products, have no partners, I do all the books, payroll, ordering, etc. and answer to no one but my customers, IRS, and my wife.
I have turned down numerous multi-million dollar buy-out offers from large corporations and LOVE my job even more so than the day I started Fulltone in 1992.
So you can definitely call Fulltone "boutique," in fact we (arguably) invented that phrase;)