Wah Wah Stuff

Ever notice how a wah wah colors your sound and messes with the other pedals' sound even when it's turned off? That's because most wah wah's don't have True-Bypass, muddying up your rhythm sound and causing your Fuzzes to fart-out and lose volume... even when your wah is switched "off."

Here are some diagrams and instructions for True-Bypass modification of most wahs from the 60’s through the 90’s that’ll cure this age-old problem. (There will NOT be a diagram posted for the newer Dunlop wahs with the dreaded PC-mounted jacks, as this involves cutting traces on the PCB which is too complicated a procedure for the layman.

60s-80s Vox, Crybaby, Dunlop

Reissue Vox V847

70s-80s Thomas / Dunlop Wah

All you need is basic soldering skills and a Double-Pole-Double-Throw switch (DPDT). I recommend the Carling 316PP.

We don't offer support on any mods, but there is alot of info out there on the web regarding this... good luck

Mike Fuller / Fulltone