Why should I buy Fulltone instead of some other brand?

We use True Bypass switching (with L.E.D. status indicators) in all our pedals, whenever possible. Most other pedals have a buffered output that destroys the performance of most pedals that follow in the signal-chain. Don't be fooled by the claims of "Pure Bypass," "Hard Bypass"...etc. These are just catch phrases to divert your attention away from the fact that those pedals are not true-bypass. I designed and manufacture the Fulltone 3PDT , the world's only Super-Duty Triple Pole Double Throw footswitch.

I have manufactured my own custom Potentiometers because what has been offered as "Industry Standard" has a 20% failure rate within 2 years...not acceptable. To see how we do things click here.

All Fulltone pedals are handbuilt & tested by us at our shop in Southern California using full-sized top-notch components. In the Choralflange, a rather complex pedal as analog designs go, there are NO miniature surface mount chips, capacitors, or resistors. I have our wire custom-made, and it's 22 gauge copper stranded with no tin-coating, so it stays flexible over the years without breaking. You might not know or care about components, but you'll certainly hear the FAT, Clean, Warm results. And I practice the same philosophy on all my other pedals. Overkill? Maybe. But this is something you'll keep the rest of your playing days. It's actually amazing that we offer our pedals at comparable prices.

Here's an interview with Mike Fuller from late 2007 done by Guitar Center's Platinum Magazine

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