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Here's where we keep useful and entertaining collections of audio samples, photos and videos. Enjoy!

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Here are some backstage shots of various artists' recording rigs, touring rigs and pedalboards. Click on an image to view the main photos in gallery format. Click on the title below the photo to view some additional (and larger) photos of each. Enjoy! (NOTE: Unlike most companies, we don't give product away, so the inclusion of one's name or photo does not constitute an endorsement of the product. It simply means they liked it enough to buy it and we spotted them using it.)

Here are some detailed photos of both the outside and the inside of the new Fulltone True-Path ABY-ST and ABY-HT pedals.

Here are a few of the toys I've owned (and parted with) over the years. None of these items are for sale... please don't ask. Click on the photo to view as a gallery. Click on the title for more info or addt'l photos.

Below are some Pics of Mike's Analog/Digital Recording Studio. Fulltone Studio is a State of the Art combination of Analog and Digital... both Audio and Video capable. The first project done here was an opening song for a new movie "The Rat Thing" and I am finishing up tracks for my second release which was started in 1998 and is STILL not done. (hey, the pedal business takes all my time)