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Robin Trower has been a dedicated Fulltone customer since practically Day 1. The DejáVibe is always on his pedalboard to help him attain his signature Univibe sound. The FullDrive, OCD, Clyde and now, the Robin Trower Overdrive, are just a portion of his Fulltone arsenal. Here are some tracks recorded at B.B. King's in NYC during his 2008 tour. Enjoy!

I'm currently working on a followup to my last CD (Days Into Years) entitled Half Step Down. Here's a sample of some of my favorite tracks. And here's where you can listen to some of my earlier tracks. Maybe you'll hear something you like.

Here are a few video files of the Catalyst through a bright/clean Fender Amp. More in-depth ones are in the works.

Here are some audio files from earlier studio sessions that you might enjoy.

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