CS-OCD-Ge Reviews

The reviews on the new CS-OCD-Ge pedal have been stellar so far, and that is amazing in an era where people send back more than 50% of what they buy.

Below are a few unsolicited reviews:

“In my opinion the OCD GE is simply the best OCD ever done...I love it!"

“I picked up two of these. Mr. Fuller knocked it out of the park!"

“I couldn’t put the guitar down, a quick test run turned into 3 hours of playing with base idea for a new song! You truly build amazing stuff!

"So Yeah... I just had a chance to play my OCD GE through my Marshall DSL20HR - Gibson SG standard with 57 classic pickups, 3 65 watt cream back speakers, and an mxr echoplex in amp fx loop . I have to say this thing really exceeded my expectations. I mean I knew it would be good like the standard OCD but this version to my ear is exactly as advertised. Warmer, more amp like, better sustain on single notes and to my amazement I prefer this one on HP setting. Real test will be in band mix at Tuesday's rehearsal, but I expect it to do great. Great job on this pedal."

"Absolutely amazing! I don’t need to compare it to my 1.4 or anything for that matter. This pedal gives up the goods in spades. You’re going to be seeing it everywhere very soon! Great job, Fulltone. American company, incredible product and reasonably priced."

"I compared it with an earlier model OCD, TS-9 and Plimsoul. It sounded good in LP mode with Fender amps (Brownface Super and BF Tremolux) but really shined in SP mode with my JTM45. And combined with a germanium treble booster (rangemaster clone), it absolutely screams. Super clarity, wide range of controls and seemingly infinite feedback and octave up overtones at reasonable volumes. It knocked my Plimsoul off my classic rock board. Looking forward to using it with my classic rock band."

"I got mine yesterday and the way mike fuller described how the pedal sound, is exactly what the pedal does. its a very open sounding OCD i've ever played. (I never owned the version 1.1-1.3 so I won’t be able to compares it). It has so much volume, not bassy compared to the v2. has a lot more mid-range as well. note separation is excellent. I think it also less gain than the v2, I am not sure if its because of the germanium diode or what, but the gain feels softer. on high gain, high note feels very "chewy" if that even makes any sense. on lower gain setting, the note stays really tight with a little rounder high end. the bass is not boomy and stays very tight from low gain all the way to the maximum amount of gain.
I tried in both 9 Volt and 18 volt, and for some odd reason, the pedal sounds so much better to me in 9 volt. in 18 volt you can hear it considerably increase in volume and the note separation is different, the gain hug the note more compared to the 9 volt operation. hard to explained, you have to hear it. overall, it’s a really good sounding OD pedal. this will cut through the mix, really easy. feels very tube amp like (I hate using that terminology, but I have no other way to described it).
the pedal also cleans up really well with the guitar volume knob interaction. I would consider this the ultimate OCD."

“You did it, you made the perfect drive for my set up. I was playing an SG and the amp was just below half on the volume, kicked on the OCD and I started hearing some cool overtones, sounded kind of like old PAFs, like a solo from an old Aerosmith record is what came to mind.

"Spent a couple of hours today comparing my V1.3 and the new GE. They are very close at all settings. Always loved the bite of the .3 and that is still there in the GE. The GE seems a bit more complex sounding with a slightly more 'chewy' feel. It's nicely touch-sensitive.
Don't want to sound like a Fulltone ad, but the GE is a great sounding OD."