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Guitar World Magazine Puts Two Fulltone Pedals in its Top 50 of All Time
November 28, 2012

Guitar World Magazine has published an article listing its Top 50 pedals and effects of all time, which includes two Fulltone pedals: the Supa-Trem and the OCD. Read the complete article here.

Fulltone places twice in Guitar World's Top 50 pedals of all time

Yes, there are two paths you can go buy...
November 27, 2012
Don Felder & the Fulltone OCD
October 08, 2012

Don Felder

Fire, Taste, Tone, and Composition come immediately to mind when I think of Don Felder. He was one of my heroes growing up. While my friends were trying to sing like Don Henley & Glen Frey, I was trying to pick out all the tasty textures that Don was blending on all the best Eagles tracks.

I was thrilled recently to hear that Don uses the Fulltone OCD, and he dropped me an email to say hi. Don's words:

"I love the Fulltone OCD pedal and use it in EVERY pedal board I own and use on stage and in the studio. Amazing piece of gear and I never say that about anything I don't truly love."

Don has a great new CD coming out soon, buy it here and get a pre-release downloadable tune with your order... I did... it rocks... and Don has TONE.

Fulltone "Dirty Thoughts" Ad
September 18, 2012

Below is an ad you'll find in the upcoming issues of Premier Guitar and Guitar Player magazines...

Fulltone Dirty Thoughts ad

Scott Henderson records entire new record with Fulltone PlimSoul
July 10, 2012

Scott Henderson records entire new record with Fulltone PlimSoul~
Scott's got a SMOKIN' new record coming out with Dennis Chambers (drums) and Jeff Berlin. (Bass)
All dirty tracks done with Fulltone PlimSoul.
We're impressed....stay tuned.

True-Path ABY boxes ship 8/21/2012!
July 10, 2012

True-Path ABY-St and ABY-HT...the most thought-out, toneful ABY boxes ever made, start shipping 8/21/2012.
see your dealer now.

Secret Freq. starts shipping 8/21/2012!
July 10, 2012

What if a GREAT overdrive/distortion pedal offered the added bonus of having an active wah type midrange control located INSIDE the clipping section.
"What-if" is the new Fulltone Secret Freq.
"What-if" ships 8/21/2012.
See your dealer now.

Secret Freq
March 07, 2012


Michael Landau
February 10, 2012

Mike Landau has a new CD out called "Organic Instrumentals"

Go to and check out the song "Ghouls and Goblins". 100% of his guitar tones on this song are through his Fulltone PlimSoul.

You can then buy his CD here.

Thanks for checking it out.

True-Path ABY News
February 09, 2012

Coming out very, very soon is our new True-Path ABY switcher.
These are not some $100 mechanically switched tone-suckers, rather the most sophisticated, quiet, and transparent Amp switchers you can get, period. For the discerning Pro.

2 versions:

True-Path ABY-ST (Soft Touch)
*indestructible soft-touch momentary switches activating 4 x Fulltone (Proprietary) 60 ohm- 40 megaohm photocells with no snap, crackle or pop at any volume. No Audio signal goes through any of the switching circuitry EVER! Pure, Pure PURE sound.

  • bright status LED's for either channel or "Both on."
  • switchable JFET buffers (Both channels!) so toneful that the only thing you'll hear is the elimination of all that capacitance that 20-50 feet of cable get you! With shorter cables you cannot tell the difference between ON and OFF.
  • Why give you the option to turn off the buffers? *

Because I make and use FUZZ pedals, wah wah's etc, and with the True-Path ABY's you can choose to have either side of the ABY with the exact same hi-Impedance signal that's coming out of your guitar...Fuzz pedals, most pedals are designed to see hi-impedance signals! Buffers convert your signal to lo-Impedance. With our ABY your Rich (70 pedal, SoulBender, FuzzFace, etc etc) Fuzz sounds aren't destroyed into buzzy, trebly, half-volumed mosquito noises.

  • hand-wound Fulltone high-nickel content 1:1 isolation transformer (output B) offering protection against potentially lethal shocks that multi-amp setups can cause.
  • switchable PHASE (Channel B)
  • switchable ground lift (Channel A) to further remedy ground loops.

True-Path ABY-HT (Hard Touch)

same exact features as our other model except it uses regular Fulltone footswitches so that you can "feel" when you are switching between the amps as well as "hear" it.

I switch as many as 30-50 times per song, and am just used to feeling that "click."

still no audio passes through the switches... Ultra-Pure audio!