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Fulltone Guitar & Bass cables available direct
November 20, 2011

Why do my 10' & 15' cables sound better than the one you're using?
Because mine have 2 seperate wires carrying the signal..twice the copper!
Lots of rich bass & midrange, yet they are ultra-low capacitance so the Treble doesn't suffer. Add that together with Neutrik indestructible ends and a "Lifetime replacement Warranty" and your search is over.
Buy them direct here

True-Path ABY coming Jan 2012!
November 20, 2011

I have designed the ultimate A/B/Y switching box that will debut in Jan of 2012. Having always been a proponent of multi-amp set-ups, I have never found the perfect AB I designed the True-Path ABY:
*defeatable (Gain adjustable!) toneful JFET buffer/booster for each channel
*Custom wound (proprietary Fulltone) high-nickel content 1:1 isolation transformer (channel B)
*Phase reverse switch (channel B)
*ground lift (Channel B)
*rugged ergonomically designed 16 ga. steel chassis
*never any PCB-mounted jacks or footswitches. Are you kidding?
* The finest (proprietary Fulltone) mechanically-silent, "popless," soft-touch, momentary, virtually unbreakable, footswitches available.
*utilizing 4 x photocell technology for completely transparent sound AND (exclusive to the True-Path ABY) the option for no low-impedance conversion, which is the thing that ruins the perfomance of all vintage-style Fuzz pedals on other AB boxes.

The Mighty SoulBender Makes a Comeback
March 31, 2011

Due to my being able to get the perfect transistors, the SoulBender is coming back but this time it's in a tiny little enclosure. Check out the jack placement on the SoulBender product page.

The '69 Has Been Reborn... as the 69 MkII
March 17, 2011

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the recent limited-edition 69-"Slight Return" (Sold out!) and the fact that I have patched things up with the transistor company that made my germaniums during the heyday of the 69 pedal (1994-1997) I can now get perfect germanium transistor matched pairs (same as used in the recent 69 Slight Return and same that were used in the 1994-1997 69's). So I'm officially NOW SHIPPING a small box version of the 69 pedal (in a OCD, FatBoost3 sized enclosure) called "69 MkII." Boxes are done, pcb is done, silk-screens are done, we start building in a couple of weeks.

Plimsoul Demo Videos
September 29, 2010

Why should I bother creating video demos when awesome people like Andy Baylor with MusicToyz will do it for me! Check out the Plimsoul videos in the Fulltone video library!

70-BC Fuzz
September 27, 2010

I have in-hand a bunch of BC108C transistors, so you can now buy the 70 pedal in a small (OCD-sized) housing. These transistors sound outrageous! This model 70-BC will still have the secret-weapon "Mid" knob which will allow you to do something other Fuzzfaces won't let you do.... be heard in the mix ;)

Now Offering Speaker Cables
September 02, 2010

Now available, the best speaker cable you can get for your Guitar & Bass needs... the Fulltone SC6.