Fulltone Legacy Products

These are Fulltone products that have been discontinued over the years. You may still see them for sale new at various stores, and will certainly see them for sale used on eBay, etc.

The Fulltone GT500
GT500 - 2-channel 100% F.E.T powered distortion booster - DISCONTINUED
The Fulltone Fat-Boost FB-3
FAT-BOOST 3... DISCONTINUED replaced by 2B
New MDV-1
DISCONTINUED, replaced by CS-MDV-1
The Fulltone Ultimate Octave - UO
A very fat Distortion/Fuzz with a very active tone control and a separate footswitch that kicks in the most searing Octave-Up available... use it as a Fuzz or Octave-Up.
Octafuzz - the first exact Tycobrahe Octavia Octave-up clone - replaced by the Octafuzz OF-2.
The Fulltone Catalyst CT-1
Catalyst - Clean? Distortion? Fuzz? Unique!
Fulltone Custom Shop CS-MDV-1