CLYDE Deluxe Wah


The Deluxe version of the CLYDE wah has all the features that players have come to know and love about the original "CLYDE Standard" but with the following additions:

  • Comes with the a custom-wound Fulltone pot...the most accurate (in resistance AND taper) reproduction of the vintage ICAR used in certain VOX wahs of the 60's and early 70's.
  • Variable Input Level Control
  • True-Bypass w/ bright side-viewable low current Pilot light status indicator
  • 3 selectable modes:
    • Wacked
    • Jimi" (Clyde Standard)
    • Shaft

The three-way mode switch and variable input control pot will let you dial in almost any type of wah sound you can imagine. All the way from classic Voodoo Chile... to biting funk... to down and dirty low-end grunt. The CLYDE Deluxe can do it all!

All CLYDE Deluxes sport the most authentic '60's Vox type inductor available, which happens also the quietest... our hand-wound Fulltone inductor and the long-life Fulltone-1 wah pot.

Here's a great video of Robin Trower ripping it up on a Fulltone CLYDE wah.

Additional Photos

Fulltone Wah PotFulltone CDW Rear ViewFulltone CDW Right SideFulltone CDW Front RightFulltone CDW Rear LeftFulltone CDW Top ViewFulltone CDW Left SideFulltone CDW Front ViewFulltone CDW Rear Side

Product Updates

All Clyde's Now Come with Booster/Buffer Control

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Wah wah's and Hi-Gain amps/pedals don't work together well... until now, that is. The solution is the new Fulltone Clyde Booster/Buffer, offering up to 20db clean boost and a "Fuzz-Friendly" circuit that (most importantly) doesn't alter the wah's original sound. All the ones I've tried added harsh treble so I developed one that doesn't. All Clyde wah's (both Standard and Deluxe) shipping after today come with this built in switchable Booster/Fuzz-Friendly circuit while still retaining the TrueBypass that Fulltone has always been famous for.