Custom Shop Limited Edition Ranger-OC75

Fulltone CS-Ranger-OC75


The CS-Ranger OC75 was a limited production pedal whose lifespan was dependent on a supply of New Old Stock OC75 germanium transistors. That supply dried up, with serial #767 being the last one to leave our shop in 10/2021... that makes the total production run for this at 767 pcs.

FYi, my personal favorite is our other CS-Ranger, which uses a New Old Stock "Flying Saucer" germanium transistor. Get yours here.

Additional Photos

Fulltone CS-Ranger-OC75Fulltone CS-Ranger - Rear ViewFulltone CS-Ranger-OC75 - InternalsFulltone CS-Ranger-OC75 - InternalsFulltone CS-Ranger-OC75 - Certificate of Authenticity