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Fulltone Custom Shop CS-MDV-1

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Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe CS-MDV-1

The MDV-1 has received a big overhaul, and it's moved over to our Custom Shop!
It's now the CS-MDV-1


  • 15% smaller enclosure, still with top-mounted jacks for tight spaces.
  • has MUCH slower and MUCH faster available speeds achieved by replacing the standard Speed pot everybody uses with a Fulltone custom-made Dual Photoresistor, while retaining the original Univibe's unique and crucial Oscillator circuit.
  • has a totally linear ramp up of the Speed knob (and external pedal).This is the bummer about older Deja'Vibes, other clones, and original Univibes: the speed controller has a spot where everything happens, making it hard to find the right speed.
    Problem-solved with the CS-
  • it has an External Pedal jack allowing the use of virtually any expression pedal out there, whether it has a 10K, a 50K, 100K, etc potentiometer. As i mentioned previously, you will LOVE the completely linear flow from slow to fast speeds.
  • It has twice the available volume as any vibe clone, assuring that you don't get bogged-down in the mix when you kick it on...without being bright and cold sounding, and a super-low output impedance so it works with Fuzz and even the dirtiest of amps!
  • 100% correct Vintage Univibe analog circuit with no opamps in the Audio path, still using 13 x Panasonic 2SC828 transistors, still the Fulltone Proprietary glass lens/ hermetically sealed photocells with correct incandescent bulb.
  • Fulltone "worldwide" IPS-18 18 volt regulated Switching typew power supply included with every one!

Hi-Rez Video/Audio demo done by yours truly her at

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Fulltone CS-MDV1 Side viewFulltone CS-MDV1 Front viewFulltone CS-MDV1 Back panel