Days Into Years CD - Digital Download

Fulltone Days Into Years CD

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Days Into Years CD - Digital Download

Days Into Years is my first album, recorded from 1993-1996 at the first Fulltone Shop location, 3815 Beethoven St. It was recorded 100% Analog on a 2" 16 track MCi tape machine and mixed to 1/2" Tape on a Ampex 102A. The CD was released in 1997 and has gone "Tupperware" selling around 10,000 copies.

Featured Musicians:

  • Michael Fuller: acoustic, electric, and slide guitars
  • Dave Robinette: Vocals
  • Ed Roth: Keyboards & Organ
  • Chas McClure: Drums and friendship
  • Jay Douglas: Drums
  • (the elusive) Billy Sasser: Bass
  • Engineered and Mixed by MFuller.
  • Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA in 1997