Fulltone 200k Wah Pot

Fulltone FWP-2 200k Wah Pot

$38 MSRP

Fulltone 200k Wah Pot - FWP-2

The new Fulltone FWP-2 (200K) Custom Taper wah pot.

My favorite vintage ICAR wah pot has been transplanted from one wah to another over the last 30 years. Recently it started wearing out so I decided to Blueprint it before it died. To my surprise, this pot Marked "100K" was actually 200K when measured. So I then started looking at some of the other late 60's/early 70's ICAR pots I have and found that many were up around 200K. There are two components to a wah pot: The resistance (100K or 200k for example) and the "taper."

It's safe to say I'm one of a couple of people who actually knows what they did back in the 60's to make the ICAR pot taper so special. I'll give you a hint: Nothing happens from 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock, and 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock. The Taper? I'm going to keep that a secret for another decade or so. The new Fulltone FWP-2. Or you can get the tried and true FWP-1 (100k) version.

Additionally, I designed and tooled up a new 14 tooth gear replacing the old 15 tooth gear. Not only is it much smoother, with no ragged edges or imperfections, but you gain a better gear ratio helping to access the full range of the pot with less treadle movement. The feel under your foot is much improved simply because the teeth are smoother and nave a slightly rounded edge for less friction. These are the silly little things that i enjoy improving on.

NOTE: There is NO WARRANTY on wah pots due to the fact that most people haven't a clue how to install and adjust them properly, which usually results in instant damage to the pot. It is HIGHLY recommended that you watch and follow my video tutorial "installing wah pots".

Additional Photos

Fulltone FWP1 and FWP2 wah potsFulltone FWP1 and FWP2 wah pots