Fulltone Adhesive Rubber Feet

Fulltone Adhesive Rubber Feet

$8 - $10 MSRP
You will choose the type of feet for your specific pedal after clicking Buy Now.

Fulltone Adhesive Rubber Feet

Lost or damaged the feet on your Fulltone pedal? Not to worry, we've got you covered. Just locate your pedal from the list below and select the appropriate item number over on the Fulltone Store.

FCSAF4 (small clear adhesive feet x 4)
$8 (incl Free shipping for USA only)

  • OCD (all versions)
  • 2B
  • Catalyst (CT1)
  • Full-Drive1 (FD1)
  • Mas Malo (MM)
  • 69 pedal (mkII only)
  • 70 pedal BC-108 (70BC)
  • Soul-Bender (SB-2)
  • Octafuzz (OF-2)
  • PlimSoul (PLS)
  • Echo Cancel Footswitch (ECF)
  • Robin Trower Overdrive (RTO)
  • BassDrive (BD1)
  • SecretFreq (SF1)
  • FatBoost (all models)

FBMAF4 (black medium adhesive feet x 4)
$10 (incl Free shipping for USA only)

  • Custom Shop Mini-Deja’Vibe 1 (CS-MDV-1)
  • Old silver aluminum Deja’Vibe
  • Supa-Trem1 (ST-1) only for versions with thumbscrews on side of enclosure
  • Supa-Trem2 (ST-2)
  • WahFull (WF)
  • True-Path ABY (HT & ST)
  • Full-Drive3 (FD3)
  • Early aluminum Full-Drive and Full-Drive2