Fulltone MU-80 Inductor

Fulltone MU-80 Inductor

The Inductor is the heart and soul of a Wah Wah, and it should come as no surprise that Fulltone makes their own, nor that it can transform any wah into a much more expressive instrument. The Fulltone MU-80 Inductor is cloned from the inductors culled from my 3 favorite circa-1968-69 Clyde McCoy wah pedals. Same wire type, core materials, Q, Inductance, but I didn’t stop there.

Lots of people are selling Inductors these days, many don’t know anything about how they work, most don’t make their own, and none have collected and sacrificed as many Holy-Grail Vintage wah’s as I have in order to Blueprint every facet of just what makes those wah’s sound so great. I have analyzed well over 50 of the better sounding 60’s-early 70’s wah wah’s I’ve owned and collected data on transistor types, gains, capacitor types, and finally…Inductor Q, Inductance, core material, and wire gauge & type.

Wah wah’s are known to hum. More concisely put, their inductors invite hum in and then to amplify that hum, making you not want to turn them on in a high volume situation.

To cure this I developed a shielded cover made out of MU-80, which blocks out the majority of hum that other inductors can’t, so the Fulltone FMU-1 inductor can help reduce that hum.

The FMU-I is a drop-in replacement for 99% of all wah wah’s ever made, install one in your wah and find your voice!