Tube Tape Echo Tube Trio

Fulltone Tube Tape Echo TTE Tube Trio (TTE-TT)

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TTE Tube Trio (TTE-TT)

We sell TTE tubes in a convenient tested/matched trio for lowest noise and transparent tone. We only recommend using the Shuguang 12AX7B **tubes for V1** and V2 position. You're welcome to try other brands for 12AX7 replacement but you may get shrill highs or excessive mids on both the guitar sound and on the delay sound..

You should only use the Fulltone (branded) 12AU7 for V3 (erase) position, using anything else the unit may not erase fully and may make hissing noise. The Fulltone 12AU7 can handle a tremendous amount of current, making it ideal for this position.

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Fulltone Tube Tape Echo TTE Tube Trio (TTE-TT)