Cool people, and cool stuff. What more can I say?

Need Audio Equipent Repaired?

Microphones...power amps...Guitar Amps, stereo equipment? Meet Robert Hovland: not your typical Tech! World renowned Audio designer, he's so meticulous, he even had his own capacitors made, seriously! I don't trust ANYONE else with my collection of Vintage Neumann, AKG, Telefunken mics...NO ONE. Email Robert at the address below.

Dr. Z Amplification

Just play a Route66, just for 5 minutes. You will thank me and you will buy one. Finally, no need to hunt down an old Plexi and then spend $1000 getting it to sound and work right. The best amp currently made for what I like.

Mercury Magnetics Transformers

I love Mercury Magnetics Transformers! When you have as many vintage amps as I do you either have to constantly repair them or can't help but want to get that "extra bit of mojo" out of them... and that's why I get so excited when the UPS man rolls up and there's another batch of MM stuff. Yah baby.

Guitar Effects Pedals book

There's a book out, "Guitar Effects Pedals," featuring yours-truly as well as many other effects makers. Very cool book that includes sound samples and history, etc. Use the Amazon link below to buy it online.

Equitech Balanced Power Conditioners

Great power conditioners for your studio or live rig.

Royer Ribbon Microphones

Consistently my go-to mics 90% of the time for the last 10+ years.

Guitar Aficionado Magazine

Over the top? Elitist? Perhaps, but where else can you see Eric Johnson's vintage T-Bird car and Jimmy Page model John Varvatos?

Manley Labs

Handmade analog Recording Gear used daily in my studio for 15 years.

Universal Audio

The 1176 and LA-2A! as well as the most excellent UAD-1 & UAD-2 plug ins. Used daily in my studio!

Univibes Magazine

(definitive Jimi Hendrix)